Actionism: How to Become a Responsible Man [Lennart Svensson]
Aristokratia Journal Vol. I [K. Deva]
Aristokratia Journal Vol. II [K. Deva]
Aristokratia Journal Vol. III [K. Deva]
Aristokratia Journal Vol. IV [K. Deva]
Borderline: A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man [Lennart Svensson]
The Everlasting Man [G. K. Chesterton]
Nihilism: A Philosophy Based in Nothingness and Eternity [Brett Stevens]
Operative Traditions Vol. I [Miguel Angel Fernandez]
The Return of Myth [Boris Nad]
Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life [Abir Taha]
Twenty Tales on the Political Economy of Quality [Krum Stefanov]

Religious & Spiritual Traditions

The Bhagvad Gita [Raghupati Bhatt]
Kratos: The Hellenic Tradition [Gwendolyn Taunton, ed.]
Mimir: Journal of North European Traditions [Gwendolyn Taunton, ed.]
Northern Traditions [Gwendolyn Taunton, ed.]
Primordial Traditions [Gwendolyn Taunton, ed.]
Tantric Traditions [Gwendolyn Taunton]

Occult & Esoteric Traditions

The Grail: Two Studies [Alexander Jacob]
Magick for Housewives: Essays on Alt-Gurus [James J. O’Meara]
Occult Traditions [Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, ed.]

Political Theory

The European Enterprise: Geopolitical Essays [Robert Steuckers]


Ernst Junger – A Portrait [Lennart Svensson]
Richard Wagner – A Portrait [Lennart Svensson]


Breeze of the Gods [Don Arp Jr.]
The Euahlayi Tribe: A Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia [K. Langloh Parker]
India’s Glory [Raghupati Bhatt]

Fiction & Poetry

Melpomene [Gwendolyn Taunton]
Mythos [H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard & Others]
Saga: The Last Norse of West Greenland [S. A. Lyons]
Science Fiction Seen From the Right [Lennart Svensson]
Transparent Bodies [J. Karl Bogartte]

Music CDs

Richard Wagner: Parsifal [Alexander Jacob]
Richard Wagner: Der Ring des Nebelungen [Alexander Jacob]
Richard Wagner: Lohengrin [Alexander Jacob]